All Arsca services are online – check your personal information

After a technical break, you can now edit your information and make reservations again in Arsca.

After a technical hiatus of Arsca services that require login are back online again. You can now log in, make requests and renew your loans. Please note, that as of now you can log in to Arsca with your Uniarts ID or your e-mail address.

If you can’t log in or encounter other issues, please contact the library: Note that libraries open August 10 in Helsinki and August 13 in Kuopio, which is why e-mails will be answered with delay, and requests will be handled after the library opens. All loans are due September 15 so there’s no need to renew loans now.

Due to the introduction of the new library system, customer data will be handled differently in the future. Uniarts users’ (students, staff) data will be imported directly from university personal data systems. E.g. new students can collect their library card as soon as their Uniarts ID is active without applying for the library card. Due to these changes we recommend that you check your personal information in Arsca, and update your information in WebOodi (students), Mepco (staff) or Arsca (other users).

If your personal information is up to date, you don’t have to do anything. If not, update your information:

Check and update your information in WebOodi. Your Uniarts e-mail address is imported from WebOodi to Arsca, so you only need to check your street address. You can add your phone number and (if you like) your personal e-mail address to Arsca by using this form in Arsca (unlike other information, your phone number and personal e-mail address will not be imported from WebOodi to Arsca). New student: you can ask the library to add this information when you collect your library card.

Staff and teachers:
Check and update your information in Mepco. Your Uniarts e-mail address and work phone number are imported from Mepco to Arsca, so you only need to check your streed address. If you want to add your personal e-mail address or phone number to Arsca, add them by using this form in Arsca – don’t use the form in Mepco for this purpose. Also set your preferred language in Mepco (Finnish, Swedish, English) and receive library’s e-mails in that language.

Other users:
If you are not a Uniarts member, check and update your information in Arsca by using this form. Also set your preferred language (Finnish, Swedish, English) and receive automated library e-mails (due date notifications etc.) in that language.

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