About the library

Find information about e.g. the library's collection policy and the evaluation and development of the library's operations.

Collection development

The University of the Arts Helsinki library collection development is based on supporting the education, research, and artistic activity in the university (and the partner organisations in Kuopio). The purpose of the Uniarts Helsinki library’s collection policy is to describe which resources are selected and acquired to the library and how the collections should be evaluated and developed. In its collection policy, the library will take into account the priorities for education and research that have been stated in Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy.


The libraries accept donations they have previously agreed to receive. A deed of transfer is drawn up on all donated materials. The material becomes the property of the library, and the library may treat the materials as it sees fit. The selection criteria are primarily the same as for other materials. Publications that are not included in collections can be made available for students, sold in the library’s stock sales, or destroyed.

Library history

The University of the Arts Helsinki was founded when the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy merged in 2013. The formerly independent libraries merged to Uniarts library in 2017.  

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ library was originally founded as a part of the Drawing School of the Art Society of Finland (1848). The Sibelius Academy Library was opened in 1885 as part of the former Helsinki Music Institute. The history of the Theatre Academy library dates back to 1956 when the central library for theatre was created. In Kuopio, the roots of the present library goes back to the 1960s’ when the library was founded in the connection of Kuopio conservatory.  

Latest change in library’s history is  the merge of Theatre Academy Library and The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ library to a new Sörnäinen Campus Library from autumn 2021. 

Nowadays Uniarts Library with its three library units in Töölö, Sörnäinen and Kuopio serve the university and the large Finnish cultural field. 

Evaluation and development

University of the Arts Helsinki library is the only arts-based university library in Finland. It provides information and library services in the subject areas of Uniarts Helsinki, such as fine arts, music, theatre and dance and the fields connected to these. The library promotes the influence of arts nationally and internationally.

Uniarts Helsinki Library develops and evaluates its operations continuously. On its own behalf, the library puts the strategy of the University of the Arts Helsinki into practice. The library services are developed in a user-oriented fashion and in cooperation with other Uniarts service areas.

The library operates on the following principles:

  • a united library of experts
  • meaningful work
  • supporting the arts in cooperation with others
  • changing boldly with the times


The library collects feedback from its users. You can leave feedback e.g. using a feedback form or via e-mail. You can also leave feedback in the library premises in written form or tell your views to the staff. The library holds regular surveys to support the evaluation and development of library services.