Information retrieval teaching and information service

Library personnel provide users with guidance in using the library and finding materials. You can also send information service questions by email or book an appointment for personal information service guidance.

Information retrieval teaching at Uniarts Helsinki

The Uniarts Helsinki library offers information retrieval teaching to university’s students and personnel. If the teaching of information retrieval is not included in the curriculum, you can order teaching for your group.

Individual guidance for information retrieval

Do you need help with obtaining information for your thesis or research? In addition to the teaching included in the studies, the library also offers Uniarts Helsinki students and personnel individual guidance, which can be booked with the library.

Send a message to the library explaining what your topic is and what kind of help you need, and you will be given a personal guidance appointment. We usually reserve approximately one hour for individual guidance, but this can be agreed upon flexibly.

Guides to support teaching and information retrieval

The library’s information acquisition guide provides help with the basics of information acquisition, such as search techniques, source criticism and AI in information retrieval. You can also find practical search tips in the Arsca instructions.

The Guide for teachers provides teachers with information on, for example, the acquisition of course books and use of e-materials in teaching.

The other library guides contain, for example, tips on field-specific materials, reference management and instructions on using e-data.

Information acquisition services for third parties

The library also offers expert information retrieval services to parties outside Uniarts Helsinki. A fee is charged for the service in accordance with the service fee list.

More information

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