Library services for researchers

The library provides support for the different stages of the research process and research career. We provide guidance, training and advice on information acquisition, command of research materials, open publishing, and matters related to researcher and research visibility.

Information services

The library provides doctoral candidates and researchers with advice on locating scientific sources in their field, training in learning information retrieval skills, information literacy and source criticism, and capabilities for carrying out literature reviews and analyses. Further information can be found in the library information retrieval guide. We also provide guidance on reference management.

Data management

The library provides support for research data management at different stages of the data lifecycle. The library also provides guidance in drafting a data management plan, processing and sharing the data and matters related to archiving of the data. For help with drafting a data management plan, refer to the DMPTuuli guide.

The aim of the working group on data management services at Uniarts Helsinki is to find solutions that serve Uniarts Helsinki researchers at different stages of data management. The aim of the working group is also to increase dialogue between service areas and to create an overall picture of the management of research data. The working group includes representatives from the library, joint research services, legal services and IT services. The working group has prepared guidelines for Uniarts Helsinki researchers on data management in research, which can be found on Artsi intranet.

Open Access publishing Uniarts Helsinki requires Open Access publishing whenever possible. Open Access publishing enables free and accessible access to research publications for everyone, increases openness in science and raises the profile and impact of research, researchers and the university. For more information, see the Uniarts Helsinki publishing guide. Uniarts Helsinki personnel may also store their publications in the Uniarts Helsinki publication repository Taju, where they will be freely available to everyone.

Publication information and UniartsCRIS

The library checks and, if necessary, corrects or supplements the publication information reported by teaching and research personnel in the Uniarts Helsinki research portal UniartsCRIS. It is hoped that the researchers will visit UniartsCRIS throughout the year to report their publications to the Ministry of Education and Culture to ensure smooth reporting from the start of the year. Information from the UniartsCRIS system is exported to the national portal, where university specialists gain additional visibility for their publications and artistic work.

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)

ORCID is an open, public, international and community-based researcher ID that can be used in many different services and systems. It allows the researcher to be identified clearly, quickly and easily, and also enables them to access their own researcher profile on the ORCID website.

Uniarts Helsinki is a member of the ORCID organisation and recommends that Uniarts Helsinki’s researchers use the ID. The library provides guidance on how to use ORCID.

Open science and library

Uniarts Helsinki encourages openness in its research activities and is committed to promoting the principles of open science in the Declaration for Open Science and Research (

The library is responsible for open science services offered at the university. The library is active in the university’s working group for open science and research and has launched a multidisciplinary working group for data management services. The library’s open science services aim to promote a responsible increase in openness and enable researchers to publish their research results openly.

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