Interlibrary loans

The library orders material for students and staff from other libraries as interlibrary loans. The library also loans out materials to other libraries. Interlibrary loans and copies are not sent directly to private customers, but the request must always be made through the local library.

Interlibrary loans to Uniarts students and staff

The library orders materials from other libraries to present Uniarts students and staff. Kuopio Library offers interlibrary loans also to present students and staff of Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Kuopio Conservatory.

The Helsinki campus libraries do not order inter-library loans from other libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, nor does the Kuopio Library order inter-library loans from other libraries in Kuopio.

Interlibrary loans can be requested by filling out the form in Arsca or in the library. You can also contact us via e-mail:

Interlibrary loans to libraries

Uniarts Helsinki library sends out interlibrary loans to other libraries. Interlibrary loans are sent only outside the Helsinki metropolitan area, with the exception of Kuopio Library, which sends interlibrary loans only outside Kuopio.

Material that has a loan period of 28 days can be loaned out. Material-specific loan periods can be seen in the Arsca search service.

Article copies will only be delivered of publications that are not available elsewhere (f.ex. in the National Repository Library). Theses are not available for interlibrary loaning, except in certain cases in the Töölö Campus Library’s theses collection (14 day collection) for reading room use.

Use the interlibrary loan form for libraries first and foremost. You can also contact us via e-mail: