The library supports the university's activities by providing information services, teaching information literacy, and liaising with researchers.

Borrowing and library rules

Access and library card

The University of the Arts Helsinki library is open to all. To register as a library user, a person must be at least 15 years of age and have a Finnish social security ID and an address in Finland. Exceptions are the university’s exchange students, lecturers and researchers who can register as library users without meeting these conditions. Library users under 15 must have their legal guardian’s consent. In addition, Finnish and foreign organisations that offer inter-library loans can register as inter-library service customers. Access to the library can also be granted for a specified term.  

Registration requires a valid photo ID issued by an official authority (passport, identity card, residence permit card or driver’s license). You can fill out the library card application online or on paper at the library service desk. You can get a library card by visiting the library’s customer service point during its opening hours. Be prepared to provide proof of identity. University of the Arts Helsinki students and staff members can also register as a library customer via Tuudo mobile app. 

The library card permits you to borrow material from all libraries. The library card is free of charge; there is a fee for a replacement card (see the Service fees). When receiving the library card, the user signs and agrees to the rules and prices of services of the University of the Arts Helsinki library.  

Library cards

Customer register and privacy

Customer information is stored in the library’s customer register (data protection statement). The information held in the customer register will not be disclosed to third parties with the exception of recovery of loans that have not been returned to the library. In accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Files Act, everyone has the right to check their details in the register.  

Borrow, renew, reserve

Users can borrow materials from the library of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Not all collections are available for loan. The loan periods vary by collection. The personal library card must be presented when checking out materials, making reservations and for checking borrowing rights and existing loans. The card must not be given to another person. 

Loans from the library collections are free as long as the materials are returned or renewed by the return date. A library user can have up to 100 items checked out at any time. 

Items borrowed from the University’s academy libraries in Helsinki can be returned to all Uniarts libraries in Helsinki. Currently, items borrowed from the Sibelius Academy’s Kuopio library can only be returned in Kuopio. 

Loan periods

The loan periods vary by collection. You can find item level loan periods in Arsca at the Holdings information.

As a rule, the loan periods are as follows:
• Books, plays, scores, journals, CD-records: 28 days
• Course material: 14 days
• Theses at the short loan collection in Töölö Campus Library library: 14 days
• DVDs at Sörnäinen Campus Library library: 14 days

As a rule, you cannot borrow, among other things:
• Theses, reference library collections (handbooks and dictionaries), special collections and the latest issues of journals
• Non-borrowable stack collections of the campus libraries
• Töölö Campus Library’s journals, DVDs and archive materials

Materials that you can’t borrow, you can use in the library. It’s also possible to make copies (fees apply), listen to records and watch DVDs. Copying or printing is not possible in Kuopio library.

Loan renewals

A loan can be renewed which means a customer can extend the loan period. The renewal time limit for 14 days loan is maximum 180 days and for 28 days loan maximum 730 days. After that customer must return loans to the library. There may be academy-specific exceptions with regard to special collections. If the title is reserved, or if the customer has 20€ or more overdue fees, a loan cannot be renewed. Loans can be renewed in Arsca, by visiting the library, or on the phone. A loan does not have to be brought to the library for renewal. Loans can’t be renewed by email. 


Library users can submit reservations in the library or online in Arsca, but not via email or phone. Töölö Campus Library or Sörnäinen Campus Library can be selected as the pickup location for the material at the Helsinki libraries. Kuopio Library’s pickup location is Kuopio. Uniarts staff and students can make a request for material from another city in the library’s customer service at no charge. When the material is available, the library system automatically notifies the user who made the reservation. The title will be reserved and held for the user until the date specified in the message. Reservations are free of charge.

Reserving materials is not possible if:  

  •     you already have the item on loan  
  •     you already have a reservation to the item  
  •     your library card is temporarily blocked  

Overdue fees

If a loan is not returned or renewed by the due date, the library user will be charged the late return fee specified in the price list. The late fee will be charged even if the library user has not received a reminder from the library, or if they have not been able to renew the loan, for example, because of a technical fault.  

Reminders and loan ban

Customers who have given their email address to the library will receive: 

  • a reminder two days before the due date 
  • an overdue notice on the due date 
  • overdue notices two, nine and 30 days after the due date

University of the Arts Helsinki students and staff member may also receive notifications of loans that are becoming overdue and reserved items that are ready for pick-up via Tuudo mobile app. Any notifications will not be sent via mail. 

A user loses the right to borrow, renew and reserve materials if  

  • the loans are not returned or renewed within 40 days of the due date 
  • the overdue fee total is €20 or more 

Borrowing privileges are restored when borrowed items are returned or compensated.  

Interlibrary loan service

The library of the University of the Arts Helsinki can order interlibrary loans from other libraries for the students and staff members of the University of the Arts Helsinki only. The library of the University of the Arts Helsinki provides interlibrary loans to other libraries and organisations offering interlibrary loans outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. The availability of collections for interlibrary loan and the associated charges may vary by academy. 

User’s responsibilities

Users are responsible for their borrowed items, including returning or renewing their loans by the return date. Lost or damaged library materials must be replaced.  

Library users are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date. The library will send any correspondence (notices, reminders, etc.) to the email address given by the user. Users can update their contact information online in Peppi (university students), Mepco (university staff members) or Arsca (other library users). 

Library users are responsible for the use of their library cards. The library card is a personal document. Lost cards must be reported to the library immediately. The cardholder is responsible for all materials borrowed on their card.  

The library’s property must be handled with due care and consideration. Library users are liable for damages to library property. Marking the library materials in any way is strictly prohibited.  

Use of electronic materials

Electronic materials (e-books, e-journals, etc.) acquired by the University of the Arts Helsinki library are available for all library users on the library’s customer workstations with the exception of Ellibs books, which can only be used with Uniarts ID. In addition, electronic materials can be accessed remotely by university students, Open University students and staff members. The use of electronic materials in the library collection is subject to the material-specific agreements and terms of use concluded with the producer/vendor of the material. 

Use of customer workstations

The library’s customer workstations are primarily intended for the use of library services, studying and research purposes.   

General rules

Disruptive behaviour within the library is not permitted. If a mobile phone is used, other customers must not be disturbed. The library is not responsible for customers’ personal belongings. 

Disrupting the library’s operation or disturbing the library staff or other customers can lead to a ban from the library. Decisions on restricting or banning access are made by the library management. 

The decision can be appealed within 14 days of being notified of it; the contact information for appeals is included in the decision or other documents enclosed with the letter. The decision can take effect even if it has been appealed. 

The management of the University of the Arts Helsinki library reserves the right to modify the library rules and service charges as necessary. The rules and current service prices can be viewed at the library branches and on their websites. 


These rules are valid as of 22 September 2023.

Information services and teaching

The library offers information search and information literacy teaching for their students and staff. In addition to study-related teaching, individual instruction is also available and can be booked from the information specialists. 

The library staff provides customer guidance for using the library and searching for material. Detailed questions concerning information retrieval can be discussed in a private information specialist meeting. Contact by email:, in Kuopio

Services for researchers

The library supports researchers throughout multiple stages of the research process at all stages of their careers. We guide, educate and advice in information retrieval, in describing and opening research data, and in issues relating to the visibility of the research and researcher. Uniarts Helsinki urges for openness in all stages of the research process, and the library strives to enable the practices of Open Science through the services it provides. 

Support and information is available from the library in many different forms, from training and information clinics to personal advice and online guides. You can contact us via e-mail at

Information services

The library offers guidance to researchers and doctoral students on how to locate scientific sources in their field, training in learning information retrieval skills, information literacy and source criticism, skills to write literature reviews, and advice on reference management. More information is available in the information retrieval guide

Research Data Management

The library helps you with creating data management plans and controlling and describing research data. Support is also available in using the data management planning tool DMPTuuli and issues relating to anonymization, opening and long-term archiving of research data. More information is available in the research data management guide


ORCID iD is an open, transparent and non-proprietary ID, which can be used in various services and systems. A researcher can easily and quickly register for this personal, persistent identifier and a profile page at Uniarts Helsinki is an organization member of ORCID, and recommends that researchers register their ORCID iD and add it to their publication data. The library assists researchers in using ORCID iD. See more information at the library’s ORCID guide page.

Publication data and Open Access

Uniarts Helsinki researchers submit their publication data to the research information system UniartsCRIS, and the library will check the publication data and correct and supplement them if needed. Research information is exported to the national portal, which gives Uniarts Helsinki and its researchers more visibility. 

Uniarts Helsinki requires Open Access publishing when possible. Publishing openly enables the free and unrestricted access to scholarly literature, which not only furthers the openness of science but also the visibility and impact of the research, researcher, and the university. See Uniarts publishing guide for more information.

When reporting the publication data to UniartsCRIS, Uniarts Helsinki researchers can have their publications openly available also by self-archiving them to Uniarts Helsinki institutional repository Taju. More information is available in the Uniarts guide about self-archiving

Facilities and equipment

The library’s versatile facilities can be used for browsing materials, silent working environments and conducting group work. Further information on reserving the facilities and the library’s equipment is provided separately for each library.  

Self-service library

During self-service hours you can: 

  • borrow, renew and return books with the self-service machines 
  • pick up reservations (remember to borrow!) 
  • make reservations, renew loans and pay overdue fees in Arsca 
  • use the library’s electronic materials, computers and facilities 
  • read theses in Taju 

Only during service hours can you  

  • meet library staff  
  • pick up a library card  

Service fees

See payments and service fees in the service fees list.