Terms of use for the YLE choir music collection

Terms of use for the YLE choir music collection at the Uniarts Helsinki Library

The Uniarts Helsinki Library’s YLE choir music collection consists mainly of choir material. There are several copies (usually about 15 to 60) of the same sheet music publication included in the material. The collection’s material is intended for circulation to be used by Finnish choirs. It is primarily meant for practice and concert use, including Uniarts Helsinki’s own use in teaching, practice and performances.

The Library has received the YLE choir music collection through a donation, and some of the items show signs of wear and tear. The material is available for borrowing in the condition that it’s in. Some of the material is not available for home loans due to their poor condition or some other problems. This kind of material is not meant for circulation, but the intention is to make it available for customers within the library premises.

The following terms apply to borrowing of material from the YLE choir music collection to be used outside the Uniarts Helsinki Library:

  1. The customer may be a natural person or a legal person.
  2. The customer does not have to borrow the choir material in its entirety, and instead, it’s possible to choose the suitable number of copies needed for loan according to the number of members in the choir.
  3. The loan period will be agreed on separately for each borrowed choir material. The loan period is agreed on based on the intended use of the material, for example if the material is needed for a performance, the loan period will continue up for about two weeks after the performance. The maximum loan period is usually six months.
  4. Borrowing is free of charge if the material is picked up for loan from Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy library.
  5. Customers outside the capital region can also order the material to be sent by mail. In this case, the customer will be charged a service fee, which includes postage and possible invoicing fee as well as processing costs related to the material.
  6. The Library will issue an invoice for the service fee that will be sent to the customer’s billing address.
  7. When borrowing material, the Uniarts Helsinki Library and the library customer shall sign an agreement on the loan. The agreement will state the compensation fee, borrowing date and the due date of the borrowed material.
  8. The material must be returned by its due date in the same condition as it was when it was borrowed.
  9. If the customer fails to return or damages the material, the Library will collect compensation for the unreturned or damaged material from the customer. The material may be replaced by buying a new copy of the publication or by providing financial compensation. The compensation fee will be determined based on the Library’s price list as stated in the agreement.
  10. The fee can be paid in person at the library or with an invoice. If requested, the Library will send an invoice to collect compensation for the material. Invoicing is subject to a service charge according to the Library’s price list.
  11. If the fee or the service charges have not been paid by the due date, the customer will lose the right to use the YLE collection, and the Library will hand over the matter to a Collection Agency. The borrowing rights will be restored after the customer has paid all the fees related to the loan and the compensation.