Limited services in Helsinki campus libraries on winter break

Self service libraries are open in Helsinki campus libraries during winter break 21.2.-27.2.2022.

A person reading a magazine on their lap, only hands but not their face can be seen.
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

The customer service in Helsinki campus libraries is closed during the winter break from February 21 to 27. Self-service library is open according to the opening hours of the university premises. See the opening hours in Arsca

In case of problems in using the library services, please contact the library via e-mail:  

Ongelmatilanteissa voit olla yhteydessä kirjastoon sähköpostitse:

Using the library services during self-service hours

During the winter break you can collect the material they need independently from the shelves or by making a reservation, in which case they can pick up their material from the reservation shelf. The material will be loaned using the self-service lending machine. 

If you have forgotten the PIN code needed for using the lending machine or if you don’t have one, please see the instructions for setting the PIN-code

Late fees can be paid online: instructions for online payments

If you forgot your library card home, you may use the mobile library card. Read the instructions for the use of the mobile library card. If you need a library card, please contact the library

Happy winterbreak!