PIN codes introduced to self-service machines starting 1 December

You will need a PIN code to borrow material using the self-service machines as of 1 December.

Screenshot from Arsca online library.

Starting 1 December 2021, you will need a four-digit PIN code in addition to your library card when you borrow material using the library’s self-service machines. Note this especially when you visit the library during the self-service hours. 

If you do not already have a PIN code or you have forgotten your PIN code, set it now to be able to continue using the self-service machines smoothly. The same PIN code is also used to access the Kuopio campus library when the self-service library door is locked. 

You can easily set your PIN code online by logging in to Arsca 

-> Profile -> Update your personal information

You can also get a PIN code by visiting the library’s customer service during the customer service hours. Be prepared to prove your identity. 

You do not need a PIN code when logging in to Arsca or when returning loans using the machine. You can borrow material in the library’s customer service during customer service hours without a PIN code.