Arts and Humanities e-books

Person reading an e-book.

You can access all e-books via Arsca, or browse or search them directly at the service providers’ platforms. 

  • Ebook Central includes over 180,000 e-books from several fields of science. The collection has been acquired as a bundle and therefore includes a lot of books from other fields than Arts and Humanities. You can search the collection based on e.g. topic, author or keyword, but also browse separate collections. E.g. Fine Arts collection includes almost 9000 e-books. 
  • Ellibs Library service includes mostly Finnish e-books.  
  • EBSCO Ebook Collection currently includes 31 e-books from the fields of arts, education, philosophy and social sciences. 

You can read e-books on your browser with your Uniarts username, or download e-books to your own device, a tablet or an e-book reader. To download e-books from Ebook Central, Ellibs or EBSCO, you need an Adobe ID and a reader software, such as Adobe Digital Editions, compatible with your device. You can read Ellibs e-books also in Ellibs app (Android, iOS). Read more about downloading e-books and TOS of electronic materials from the library guide

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? You can make an acquisition proposal on e-books as well! More information and feedback: