Welcome to the library after graduation

Uniarts Helsinki library is open for everyone, and students can use the library even after graduation.

Three people on a rock pictured against the sky.

When you are graduating you don’t have to say goodbye to the library, but you can use our services and borrow materials as before. Read more below what you need to take into account and what changes after you graduate. 

Update your information

After graduating your personal information is no longer automatically updated and you need to update it yourself in Arsca. It’s especially important to update your e-mail address (to other than @uniarts.fi address) before graduation, because in the future you log in to Arsca with your e-mail address. 

Borrow, return, renew

If you need the materials you still have on loan, renew your loans in Arsca. Otherwise return them and pay any fees in Arsca. 

You can borrow materials as before on the self-checkout machine or from the customer service. Tip: you can use a mobile library card on the borrowing machine instead of physical library card. 

Please note that KuvA and Teak libraries close on April 30 due to the renovation and moving of the new Sörnäinen campus library

Electronic materials

You can’t access licensed electronic materials without a valid uniarts-username remotely, but there are available computers in the library you can use to access some of them. See also our database A-Z list for online resources that are openly available for everyone (the databases and other resources that don’t have a lock icon next to them). 

Congratulations on your graduation!