Library opening hours and services in March

The library continues to operate on a self-service basis for Uniarts users only, as per university’s coronavirus-related guidelines.

Library services in Helsinki will be available to a limited extent as a self-service library in March. Please maintain a 2-metre safety distance to others and wear a mask at the university unless you have a specific health-related reason to not wear one. See the safety measures concerning the use of Uniarts Helsinki facilities.

The self-service libraries in Helsinki during March are accessible only to Uniarts Helsinki students, researchers and staff members with a personal access key. The possibility to open services for other library patrons in April is being investigated in March.

The restrictions do not apply to Kuopio library at the moment. See Kuopio library’s opening hours in March. The regional coronavirus situation is being monitored and the opening hours and services may be changed accordingly.

Library users can collect the material they need independently from the shelves or by making a reservation, in which case they can pick up their material from the reservation shelf. The material will be loaned using the self-service lending machine. If you forgot your library card home, you may use the mobile library card. Read the instructions for the use of the mobile library card. New student, contact the library if you need a library card

The service desks and listening rooms will be closed and library is open only for quick visits. Customer service is available by phone or email. Check the opening hours from Arsca. You may pay library fees only online. Read the instructions for online payment.

Interlibrary loan service for Uniarts users will remain closed for March.

Computers may be used for quick printing and scanning. Electronic materials are available in Arsca, and with your Uniarts account you have access to all electronic collections 24/7.