Journal collections to merge in Sörnäinen campus library

The preparation of the new Sörnäinen campus library continues with the merger of journal collections that are available in both Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy libraries. Both facilities will close on April 30 due to the moving and the renovation of the new library.

A person reading a magazine on their lap, only hands but not their face can be seen.
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy libraries hold journal titles that are available in both collections. These Finnish language journals are: 

As of beginning of 2021 these titles have been subscribed to the Academy of Fine Arts library only. Due to the corona restrictions Uniarts patrons can access the library with Academy of Fine Arts access key only. You can, however, request a journal to be delivered to another library unit by submitting a request in Arsca, with the exception of the latest number of a journal which cannot be requested. As of September 2021, the journals will be available in the new Sörnäinen campus library. 

Sörnäinen campus library

The library units of Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Arts will close temporarily on April 30, 2021, before merging.  Please borrow all the material you need in advance. During the summer 2021 the collections will be merged, and the library space in Haapaniemenkatu will be furnished in the advent of opening in autumn 2021. Please see the library website for up-to-date information on our opening hours

Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy libraries’ loan due date is October 1, 2021. During the closure, the Sibelius Academy library is open with restrictions that are subject to change due to the corona virus situation. The summer opening hours at Sibelius Academy library will be communicated in May.

The new campus library will have working spaces, and places to relax and unwind oneself among collections related to arts.