Dear Uniarts Helsinki staff and students, activate your digital Tuudo library card

Library services are now also available in the Tuudo app

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Uniarts Helsinki uses the Tuudo mobile app that contains a number of important services for students. You can now also find the library services of Uniarts Helsinki in Tuudo. The students and staff of Uniarts Helsinki are welcome to activate Tuudo’s convenient library services.  

Library services in Tuudo 

  • A new user can register as a library customer via Tuudo.Tuudo provides you with a digital library card.  
  • Tuudo allows you to view your loans and reservations.  
  • You can renew your loans in Tuudo.  
  • You will receive notifications of loans that are becoming overdue and reserved items that are ready for pick-up.  
  • The opening hours and locations of libraries can be found in Tuudo. 

You will not be able to search for information, reserve materials or pay fees in Tuudo, but you can do that in Arsca. You can also find a link to Arsca in the top-right corner of Tuudo Library.  

Activating the Tuudo library card  

Download the free Tuudo app from your app store: Google Play Store (Android), Apple’s App Store (iOS devices) or AppGallery (Huawei).   

If you have already activated Tuudo, you will not need to install it again.  

New library customers  

  • You can register as a customer of the Uniarts Helsinki library using the Tuudo mobile app if you are a Uniarts Helsinki student or staff member. Log in to Tuudo with your Uniarts username, go to the Library page in Tuudo, and click the Add card link. Follow the instructions and fill out the information requested on the form to get access to Tuudo’s library services.  
  • If you are not a Uniarts Helsinki student or staff member, you cannot activate the Tuudo mobile app. However, you can get a traditional library card by registering as a customer using the online form.  

Existing library customers 

  • If you are a Uniarts Helsinki student or staff member and you already have a library card, the Tuudo digital library card will be downloaded for you automatically when you log in to Tuudo with your Uniarts username and go to the Library page in Tuudo.   
  • If you are not a Uniarts Helsinki student or staff member, you cannot activate the Tuudo mobile app.  

Validity of the Tuudo library card  

The Tuudo app and the Tuudo digital library card are at your disposal for the duration of your studies or employment relationship. 

When your studies have been completed or employment relationship has ended, Tuudo will stop working. However, you will remain a library customer even after graduation or termination of employment. You will not need a new library card but can use the electronic library card instead by logging in to Arsca and navigating to Library Cards under Your Account. You can also obtain a traditional library card if you prefer to use that. 

Tuudo support  

If you have technical problems when using Tuudo, contact the library or Tuudo’s user support by clicking the Contact us button in the Tuudo side bar.