Artist of the month at the Academy of Fine Arts Library

Monthly changing exhibition at the Library displaying works by students and teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts.


May-June 2019 :

Publishing, 7.5.–20.6.2019, Kuvataideakatemia Library

In May and June, the Library's Artist of the Month is Many.

Eleven unique publications made by students of the fall 2018 course Publishing as Artistic Practice are on display from 07.05-29.05.2019.

These independent publications exhibit a wide variety of form and content, from sketches to full storylines, curated images to translations and mis-translations. Riso-printed, photocopied, laser-ed and silk-screened, hand-bound to staple-gunned; Animal burials, a burning house, a bad place, feminist poetry, analog photography, packaging, portraits, trees.

Student artists:

Miina Aho
Linda Ciesielski
Sarah De Zutter
Sonja Donner
Johanna Heikkilä
Aura Kotkavirta
Astri Laitinen
Tatu Liimatainen
Tuuli Ojala
Leena Saarinen
Milja Salonen

Many thanks to Tuukka Kaila and Tatu Tuominen for their great instruction and support.


Previous artists of the month
If you are interested in becoming Library’s Artist of the Month please contact: lib.kuva(at)