Changes in library and collection names in Arsca

The names of Uniarts libraries and their collections in Arsca are now Sörnäinen Campus Library, Töölö Campus Library, and Kuopio Library.

Screenshot from Arsca.

Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy Libraries merge as the new Sörnäinen Campus Library. At the same time the names of Uniarts libraries and their collections are changed in the library search service Arsca (old names in parentheses): 

  • Sörnäinen Campus Library (Academy of Fine Arts Library and Theatre Academy Library) 
  • Töölö Campus Library (Sibelius Academy / Music Centre) 
  • Kuopio Library (Kuopio Library) 

The library names will be in the same format in Arsca’s “Narrow search” filter and in the collection names, e.g. “Töölö Campus Library”. This change aims to harmonize the naming conventions of Uniarts library locations and make it easier for library users to find and locate materials in Arsca. 

Another underlying cause is Uniarts Helsinki’s development to concentrate its activities on two campuses in Helsinki, Sörnäinen and Töölö, respectively. Kuopio library continues to operate with the familiar old name.