International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 9 August

traditional Sami footwear and microphone rack.

In celebration of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on 9.8, we recommend the material on contemporary Sami art and recordings in Sami languages. The materials will be available for loan at the time of the library’s opening in August.

Contemporary Sami art

Contemporary Sami art and design is the first international presentation of contemporary artists and designers in the Sápmi region, an area spanning northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern Russia. The book showcases more than 35 contemporary Sami artists and designers.

Anonymous members of the Sami artist collective Suohpanterror take a stand with their works on political issues. Suohpanterror draws on existing imagery from advertisements to character works in art history like its paragon Banksy. The group participated in an exhibition held in Rovaniemi in 2014, additional information of the exhibition can be found in the exhibition publication Sámi contemporary art = Dálá Sámi dáidda = Sámi contemporary.

Music performed in Sami languages

Different Sami languages have their own denominations for musical traditions. In the Finnish Sámi country, it’s possible to hear for example the Leu’dd of the Northern Sami, Livđe of the Inari Sami and the Leu’dd of the Koltta Sami. Music performed in Sami languages can be found in library collections.

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