Bekanta dig med Månadens konstnär

“Månadens konstnär” är en fortlöpande utställning i biblioteket som presenterar konstverk av studerande och lärare vid Bildkonstakademin.

April 2019 konstnär : Kim Minjee

My interest lay in matters of romanticizing the unknown, especially those related to traveling, both physical and psychological. To me, the term romantic is not only about rosy, positive things. Tragedy and misfortune are also romantic. I bring in imagery and symbols of bad romance from myths and folklore, personal experiences and wild dreams. The imagery indirectly refers to fate, destiny, karma, incarnation and so forth. Every decision has already been made in your previous life and even in the life before that.

I call my cutout drawings 'shoebox' drawings because they can all fit into a shoebox. Every cutout derives from literature, personal experience, and faith in karma. The whole plane can vary by the composition of the images, describing a different story every time. Try to connect the dots, fill in the blanks, and follow the path your fate shows to you. 


“Månadens Konstnärs plock” ur Bildkonstakademins bibliotekssamling

Francesco Clemente : three worlds


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