Uniarts Finna is now Arsca

The old interface of Arsca database will be closed in August. The traditional name is something we wanted to hold on to, which is why Uniarts Finna has been named as Arsca.

What changes have been made?

Finna search service is developed and improved continuously, and changes have been introduced all the while. At this point the most notable changes are related to the user interface: Arsca text on the upper left corner, a cleaner front page, library locations’ opening hours, and a new colour palette will hopefully answer to our users’ needs. On the bottom of the front page, there’s a resources carousel which includes curated literature lists on various topic and direct links to third party databases. Search instructions have also been updated: search examples are now closer to arts subjects.

What now?

The changes are related to the user interface, and users don’t have to take any actions. If you have added Arsca to your bookmarks, it’s recommended to update the URL (https://uniarts.finna.fi). Redirect from the old Arsca user interface will be on in August, but it won’t function forever.


What do you think of the new Arsca? Are the changes successful in your opinion? Did you miss something? Give feedback or send your questions to lib@uniarts.fi, and have an impact on the development of the service!