Photo: Uniarts Helsinki Library, CC BY.
In Academy of Fine Arts Library you can read journals on sofas

Library’s journal usage survey results

Uniarts Helsinki Library held its first shared journal usage survey in September 2018. Most respondents were Uniarts Helsinki staff or students, and even though the answers to this first shared survey were few, they gave us some good ideas which we can use in developing the journal collections.

A small minority of respondents prefer printed journals, but electronic journals were also wished for. Statistics show that during the past six months printed journals have been used more than electronic journals. The most used journals are from the fields of organ music, music theory, old music and education, and the continuation of these journals was deemed important regarding teaching and studying. Few expressed their opinion that subscriptions to lighter, non-scholarly journals could well be cancelled. Even though respondents considered printed journals to be important, subscribing to electronic journals will be given precedence as Uniarts Helsinki Library emphasizes digital materials as per university’s strategy.

Because of the survey we also discovered the importance of marketing journals to library users. Those who already use journals do so actively, but in the following year we will enhance the marketing of journals to library users to make them more widely known, and not least because journal articles are an important part of references in e.g. theses. Scientific journals are available via Uniarts Finna or e.g. JSTOR journal package.

Your feedback is valuable to the continuous development of library collections, and we hope to receive your feedback year-round.

Thank you to all respondents!