Ideas and wishes – the Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy arts library

The autumn days at the academies

In October at the autumn days held at the Academy of Fine Arts library and the Theatre Academy library, respectively, we asked for your feedback, wishes, and ideas for the new arts library. On the whole, the students, teachers, alumni and other library users hoped for versatile facilities, and that the special character of Uniarts Helsinki would be considered when designing for the new library spaces.

Flexible and open working spaces

Diverse range of working spaces, quiet reading corners, and resting places were on the wish list for the new library. People hoped for e.g. formal spaces where one could meet with their teachers, but also spaces which would facilitate random encounters with other library users. Users see library spaces the more beneficial the more they are open, which is why extended opening hours, even 24/7, are seen important.

The library is expected to communicate that it is open to everyone. It’s easy to agree with this view, which is why accessibility needs to be considered too. Many voiced their opinion about lighting, and how working spaces should be near windows. The proximity of a café was also important so that one could come back to their work after a small break. Several ideas and wishes shared the thought about homeliness: people hoped for a space where one could fall asleep and furniture like ‘egg chairs’ for peace and quiet.

Diverse resources, diverse spaces

Library users hope for varied and extensive library resources and collections. According to the users, a right kind of placement of library materials has an effect in how they are used. Respondents wished that the materials of a topic are all in the same place so that you could find something new from the same topic by browsing. The diversity of resources needs to be considered when designing for spaces: people wish e.g. for a room to view movies in, and separate tables for large-print materials.

Respondents also hope for an exhibition area in the new arts library. In addition to artist exhibitions, the space could host e.g. an exhibition about the history of the academies and Uniarts Helsinki.

More feedback

The library wants to thank everyone for their valuable ideas and feedback. They are highly important in the designing and planning of the new library, which aims to be an arts library for everyone. Your feedback on the library collections, services and facilities is more than welcome year-round, and you can give it via a feedback form, e-mail ( or in person.